User Experience Design

Vaxview Dashboard 


I completed low fidelity wireframes for the Vaxview dashboard that track coverage vaccination coverage of the following groups of people: Healthcare Workers, Pregnant Women, and Nursing Home Patients.

To complete the following dashboards I conducted are series of tasks.

  • Exploring existing data sources, websites, and datasets.
  • Comparing data with other pandemic flu data by states and other lower levels
  • Developing datasets and other possible solutions with existing new sources
  • Coordinating, integrating, and leveraging current and planned data efforts
  • Defining current datasets with future datasets

Healthcare Workers

Health Care Workers Trend Line Graph

Healthcare Workers Multi-Trend Line Graph

Healthcare Workers Map

Healthcare Workers Data Table

Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women Trend Line Graph

Pregnant Women Multi-Trend Line Graph

Pregnant Women Map

Pregnant Women Data Table

Nursing Home Patients

Nursing Home Patients Trend Line Graph

Nursing Home Patients Multi-Trend Line Graph

Nursing Home Patients Map

Nursing Homes Patients Data Table